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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

review: menya mushashi

Address: 2nd floor, Isetan Eat Paradise, 1Utama

I love soup! Soup is comforting! Soup soothes the soul! It nourishes, it warms and its perfect for that rainy day! 

So when I kept hearing rave reviews and pictures from friends about the ramen place at 1 Utama - I had noodle envy. A first attempt didn't work as there was a long line of customers at lunch, but an early lunch proved the better choice.

I ordered the garlic and onion flavored ramen, which came quickly. It was dressed simply with some pork slices, bamboo shoots, chives and a soy-soaked eggs. The egg yolk was soft and runny - perfect for enriching the soup.

And yet... it wasn't what I expected. The soup tasted very "thick" and heavy, and I did not feel refreshed as I expected, after slurping down the toothsome noodles. What went wrong!? I think this broth is not to my taste as I prefer shoyu based broths which are typically lighter.

Note: I did give the ramen a second try, but the result was not much better.

Address: 2nd floor, Isetan Eat Paradise, 1Utama