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Friday, May 11, 2012

recipe: chicken soup

Chicken soup is typically a long, drawn out process - taking a few hours on the stove. But the results are so satisfying! This is a really simple soup that I made, with only a few ingredients.

I used a black chicken for this soup, seeing that this was a serving for one. I also find that the black chickens are more aromatic when cooked in a soup, compared to regular chicken. If you eat the chicken down to the bone, you will see that the black color extends beyond the skin of the chicken, through to the flesh (which becomes a grey-ish beige color) and down to the bones which are coated in a black film. Mysteriously - the soup itself is not black!

I packed a small chicken into a casserole, and added some small dried scallops and red dates (slit the dates through to the seed at least, and remove - just to let the flavor release). A little salt and a sprinkling of water were the final ingredients - the whole casserole was put into a large pot over boiling water and double-boiled for about two hours (or as long as you can wait for it!)