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Sunday, January 13, 2013

recipe: figs

Living in Malaysia, it can be hard to find certain fruits - figs are one of them, since they don't travel well. So when I saw a tray of unblemished figs at the grocery store, I had to try them, despite the sky-high cost!

Coming home, I was disappointed to find that they did not have that subtle sweetness that I was hoping for. In fact, they were rather mealy - not what I expected at all! I had to find a way to combat that, and make the most out of this impulsive buy. 

I raided my fridge, and got out my home-made "lardo" - which I had made in the fridge, under a layer of rock salt and flavored with juniper berries. Sliced thinly, they provided a salty counterpoint to the figs. To ensure that the lardo didn't overpower the figs, I drizzled some wild honey over the top, with a quick crack of black pepper.

So much better! The honey amplified the flowery notes of the fig, and the lardo - besides adding a salty edge - also gave more texture to the soft figs. Such an easy combination!