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Monday, February 3, 2014

Chinese New Year Yee Sang - new year, new posts

Its been a long time since my last post -- two New Years in fact, which makes it sound a lot longer than it really has been. Over the last two months, I've been eating and cooking as much as I've been able to -- stockpiling experiences and tastes, some good, some bad, and some unfortunately forgettable. 

But to kick the year off, I decided to start with something relatively easy. I say relatively, because all that is required here is patience and a sharp knife -- but it does take time!

Yee sang is a traditional dish that all dinners start with during Chinese New Year. As a kid, I always loved it because it had these crispy crackers on the top - better than croutons! So this year I decided to make a homemade version for our family reunion dinner.

Essentially this is a fruit and veggie salad, that is supposed to be composed of at least 7 colors -- finding those colors is harder than it looks!

2 large carrots (orange)
1/2 sengkuang (white)
1/2 purple cabbage (did I need to even say that?)
1 packet snow peas (green)
2 small unripe mangoes (yellow)
2 peppers/capsicums (red)
1/2 pomelo (pink)

plum sauce
sesame oil

sesame seeds
ground peanuts
crumbled shrimp crackers