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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

review: sage @ gardens hotel

Address: The Gardens Residences, Level 6, The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Tel: +603 2268 1328

I have been going to Sage at the Gardens Hotel for the last few years - and its never disappointed. Sure, there have been "less than wow" moments for me, but I would say that the service and food have consistently performed above par - which is saying a lot.
Also, the crowd at Sage has not changed much, which adds to the sense of security that I have going to this fine-dining restaurant. They say familiarity breeds contentment though, so to shake things up a bit, I decided to go to Sage during lunch instead of my usual dinner outings.

The lunch set menu at Sage changes weekly, and is priced at RM100 nett. I think this works out  well for those on a budget, so that you do not end up with unpleasant surprises when your lunch guests don't exactly stick to the menu's strictest requirements.

When I went, I had an appetiser of oysters, with dollop of salmon roe on top of creme fraiche - creating the impression of a mini egg on top of the briny shellfish. I was initially sceptical of the addition of the creme fraiche, but it mellowed the metallic taste of the oysters and cut through the (some might say over) fishy taste of the roe.

The main course was a lamb shank - something very substantial for lunch! I love lamb and this was slowly braised so there was no hint of the gaminess that one might typically associate with the meat. One problem though - unless you're a big eater, this might take up your stomach's entire capacity!

Determined to keep it light, I opted for the cheese plate for dessert. Rather than a choice of cheese, Sage dictates your fromage platter, serving it with celery and carrot crudites, toasted bread and dried fruits. Light enough to enable me to waddle back to the office!

Address: The Gardens Residences, Level 6, The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Tel: +603 2268 1328